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My Motivation

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Some people wonder, what drives you to do the work you do? When I get asked this question, my usual answer is, “I like seeing people ecstatically happy after I finish a job.” The truth is, as an individual I found out at about the age of 15 that I wanted to help people. At that time though, I had no idea how, but I realized that being selfless and helping someone is what made me feel the best inside and nothing so far has been able to trump that feeling or desire.

When I started at Poudre Valley Air in 2003, I quickly became the lead guy (the only guy actually) that took over the Estes Park Residential New Construction installations. Very quickly I started getting compliments from the GC up there on my work. Then the compliments started coming from other contractors as well. It was then that I figured out something I was good at and enjoyed doing with my hands, so I made the choice to stick with the career.

After mastering the new construction department, I decided to move onto retro fit work and then eventually onto service, which I found was the most satisfying for me because now I was in front of several new customers daily, which essentially opened the flood gates of compliments and happy customers! (Not to mention, I didn’t have to work as hard physically to gain these smiling customers.) I was not just making a GC happy anymore, I was making several new strangers happy every day! Woohoo!! I believe we live in a world of instant gratification; and I have now figured out a way to get mine!

My method to this newfound gratification is so simple it is elementary. Here it is, are you ready for it? DO A GOOD JOB, GAIN MORE SMILING CUSTOMERS. WOW, crazy concept, right?

Well, for me, growing up as the perfectionist, this concept came natural to me. I thoroughly enjoy challenging myself by doing new things and pushing myself to do the best job I possibly can. Not only in the way things look, but also in how they function.

Some people will judge a job based on how it looks, others will judge it based on how it performs. Let’s do BOTH I thought! This made the compliments and genuinely happy customers form naturally. Win win!

So, if you were wondering what motivates me as the owner, what drives me to put my feet firmly on the ground every morning; what will continue to make this company all that it is. ITS YOU GUYS!

So, keep letting us know how we are doing and always feel free to give suggestions for improvement, and to also tell us when you are not happy so we can quickly do what we can to make it right.



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